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Workshop Highlights


Learn how to facilitate vertical development in yourself and others


We invite you to explore and discover the exciting process of how adults develop into greater maturity over time. In this program we will show you how our Leadership Maturity Framework (LMF) and its measurement instrument, the Maturity Assessment Profile (MAP) can enable integrative, transformative growth in leaders, teams, and organizations.


VeDA’s program includes two intensive workshops, and an option to continue your learning later to earn certification in our Leadership Maturity Coaching™ Practice.


Leaders grow as a result of two distinct kinds of development. Horizontal development involves gaining new knowledge and skills, becoming more efficient and effective.  Vertical development, on the other hand, involves expanding one’s self-awareness and increasing the capacity to take different perspectives, including on oneself and one’s assumptions. Both types of development are important. What’s exciting about vertical development is that it changes, in a fundamental way, how we comprehend and respond to challenges.  As we move to a new stage, we can navigate our life experiences in more complex, self-reflective, and open ways.




Our intensives are designed for organizational leaders and coaches interested in a deep understanding of vertical development, which is increasingly being recognized as critical for our times. These workshops will help professionals in the areas of leadership / organizational development, executive coaching, or whole-systems change to understand more clearly the capacities and growth potential of others

and the means to support them more powerfully.

Value through Our Leadership Maturity Framework


We find clients like our Leadership Maturity Framework for its ability to describe visually how adults evolve through eight distinct stages of adult development, or vertical development. As leaders mature through successive stages, their capacity for collaboration, insight, adaptability, and effective action evolves. Extensively researched and Harvard-validated, this framework also identifies the strengths and vulnerabilities of each stage, demonstrating what promotes and impedes growth at each successive point. Simply put, the Leadership Maturity Framework illuminates the trajectory of human development and offers a profound understanding of how and why adults behave as they do.


Maturity Assessment Profile Gives Deep Insights


Our MAP is considered one of the most reliable and cost‐effective instruments for measuring adult vertical development. It combines the respected Washington University Sentence Completion Test with Dr. Susanne Cook-Greuter’s highly regarded research in adult development. Based on responses to a semi-projective questionnaire, the MAP assesses a client’s current world-view and delivers a tailored, descriptive profile of the client’s stage of development. The MAP assesses both horizontal growth (consolidating strength and capacity at the same stage), and vertical transformation (evolving to the next stage). It enables insights into how individuals make sense of their experience and their world. The profile reveals how they may be limiting themselves and also their growing edge—the possibilities and potential at the next level of their development.




Our intensives sharpen your ability to serve your clients and give you new insights about the value of vertical development theory and research. As a participant, you will learn the “languages” people use at different developmental stages and how to communicate most effectively with them. You will learn how to tailor your coaching to best support others based on their stage of development and their particular developmental challenges. You will find yourself better equipped to offer effective and sensitive approaches to enabling your clients’ transition from stage to stage. Overall, you will experience a rich fusion of personal and professional development and a path to deeper self-awareness.

  • All participants in our Developing Leadership Maturity Program are required to take the MAP and complete their debrief with one of our Certified Leadership Maturity Coaches.

  • VeDA clients can currently take the MAP in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Hungarian and Italian (Vietnamese and Swedish coming soon).


Intensive I: Understanding and Measuring Stages of Development

In this four-day workshop you will gain a detailed understanding of our Leadership Maturity Framework, an overview of our MAP instrument, and learn to apply your knowledge in organizations. In addition, you will have an introduction to Polarity Thinking, a tool to address complex issues and become adept at interdependent thinking.

(Note: The DLM Intensive I is also offered as an online workshop. In the online VILT (Virtual Instructor Led Training) format, it is delivered virtually over 5 consecutive days, with participants engaging with the facilitator, each other and the material via Zoom webinars.)

Intensive II: Practicing Leadership Maturity Coaching —In this five-day workshop, you will gain insights into how language mirrors development, and practice coaching tailored to each stage of development.


All participants who complete the two DLM intensives will receive a certificate of completion. We also offer certification for Leadership Maturity Coaching.



VeDA offers a well-developed Leadership Maturity Coaching certification program for professional coaches who would like to use the MAP with their clients. It is also designed for organizational leaders with requisite coaching or mentoring experience who would like to coach using the lens of vertical development.


This certification is an advanced program and not available to individuals who have never coached or been trained as a coach. To qualify for certification, participants must already possess professional credentials either from the International Coach Federation, or a certificate from a well-regarded coaching institution, or demonstrate prior long-term, successful practice as an external or internal coach.


Four Steps to Leadership Maturity Coaching Certification


  • Step 1: Complete Intensive I

  • Step 2: Complete Intensive II

  • Step 3: Complete Leadership Maturity Coaching Supervision

  • Complete supervised practice in how to administer and debrief MAP results.

  • Step 4: Complete Case Study and Personal Learning Summary

Submit a case study using tailored coaching plus a personal learning summary.

On certification, you become a valuable member of VeDA’s global network of certified coaches, with access to ongoing resources, and participation in our learning community.



Dates                  Workshop                Location

April 25-29         DLM Intensive I      Online 

May 17-20         DLM Intensive  I      Budapest, Hungary 

July 24-28          DLM Intensive I      Online 

August 5-9         DLM Intensive II     Whidbey Institute, WA, USA 

October 9-13     DLM Intensive II     Budapest, Hungary 


For information on enrolment fees and how to register, please contact:


If you have any questions about whether this program is right for you, or if you have a specific context you would like to discuss, please contact:

Meet Our Facilitators


Dr. Susanne Cook-Greuter is creator of the MAP instrument and its assessment methodology. An international authority on adult development, Dr. Cook-Greuter is VeDA’s Strategic Advisor and Research Director, and presents at conferences all over the world. Dr. Cook-Greuter is a certifying authority for Leadership Maturity Coaching and MAP Scoring, as well as a Lead Facilitator for VeDA Certification programs.


Beena Sharma is President of the Vertical Development Academy (VeDA), and an international consultant committed to teaching and applying developmental theory and measurement in organizations. Beena is a certified MAP scorer, Certified Leadership Maturity Coach and certifying Master Coach. Beena is certified at the Mastery level in Polarity Thinking™, and has helped create a deeper understanding of stage-related Polarities.

Paddy Pampallis has explored human growth and development over her life as an educationalist, psychologist/psychotherapist (having worked with young children, adolescents to adults and organisations), integral practitioner coach and organizational innovator and leader.


She was inspired by Wilber’s approach, during her transpersonal psychology training (1992), and did her doctorate research in executive coaching (2005) using her unique application of integral theory; she has learnt with Wilber and his team in Denver and over the years, meeting with and now co-teaching with Susanne Cooke Greuter on the LMF internationally. This experience has birthed, together with wonderful contributors, the more recent Integral+ Africa Institute (2015), the established, (Integral) Coaching Centre (2004), and together with community, the (I+A) Ubuntu Coaching Foundation. Her unique application of Wilber’s AQAL theory, into the Integral+ Practice of Leadership and Coaching™, has created 15 years of coach and leader training and development grounded in theory and practice towards both part, or whole immersion within this map of human experience, as a lived way of being and becoming.  


Hundreds of students have graduated through the ICF accredited coach training progammes, and many hundreds of leaders have benefitted in a range of organizational and community contexts. One of the 5 first people globally to receive a doctorate in Executive Coaching in 2005, Paddy continues the work with her team, in bringing about integration in individuals and organisations through their own awakening towards skill, mastery and impact. Paddy is a global leader in the practice of coaching,  developmental learning and leadership maturity, and is sought after as a teacher, while working with her current students and clients - leaders and organisations -across multiple sectors.

Her excitement in the ongoing exploration of a de-colonised expression of Integral Theory and Practice within African philosophy by finding an African integral dialect, is in service of bringing Wilber’s theory and practice to South Africa and into Africa and working towards continued lessening of constructed boundaries of separation.

She is in partnership with VeDA, the Vertical Development Academy, (formerly the Centre for Leadership Maturity™).

About VeDA

Vertical Development Academy (VeDA) is a global consulting, training, coaching, assessment, and research enterprise, facilitating vertical development in individuals, teams, and organizations. We apply our Leadership Maturity Framework in concert with our Maturity Assessment Profile to support our clients through the vertical development process. We also train and certify leaders and coaches to work with their teams or clients, using highly sophisticated and nuanced developmental coaching. VeDA has the largest global database of developmental assessments for leaders using the MAP instrument, which is executed and delivered by highly trained certified raters.

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