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Developing Leadership Maturity Program

with Dr Susanne Cook Greuter


Developing Leadership Maturity 1

17-20. May 2018 - BUDAPEST

Don’t miss this opportunity to interact with and learn from Dr. Susanne Cook-Greuter, who is offering this workshop for the last time in Europe!

17-20. May 2018

DLM Intensive I.
in Budapest, Hungary 

9-13. Oct 2018

DLM Intensive II.
in Budapest, Hungary 

Dr. Susanne Cook-Greuter and Dr. Paddy Pampallis are pleased to invite you to explore and discover the exciting process of how adults develop into greater maturity over time. In this program they will show you how our Leadership Maturity Framework (LMF) and its measurement instrument, the Maturity Profile (MAP) can enable integrative, transformative growth in leaders, teams, and organizations.

Their intensives are designed for organizational leaders and coaches interested in a deep understanding of vertical development, which is increasingly being recognized as critical for our times. These workshops will help professionals in the areas of leadership / organizational development, executive coaching, or whole-systems change to understand more clearly the capacities and growth potential of others and the means to support them more powerfully.

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Dr. Susanne Cook-Greuter

Co-founder and Chief Wisdom, Officer, Center for Leadership Maturity Founder

The MAP Institute

Dr. Susanne Cook-Greuter is creator of the MAP instrument and its assessment methodology. An international authority on adult development, she is VeDA’s Strategic Advisor and Research Director, safeguarding the standards of excellence in our assessment service.  She is known worldwide for her seminal work in adult development theory and a keynote speaker at conferences. She charted new territory in defining mature  adult development. Her theoretical work is the foundation on which VeDA’s approach to enabling transformative leadership is built. Susanne is also a lead facilitator for VeDA certification programs.

Susanne is the author of the SCTi-MAP, a professional Sentence Completion Test based on Loevinger’s work and her own ongoing research since 1980. Her data base alone is now over 7700 SCT protocols. The SCTi-MAP is still the most sophisticated and statistically rigorous assessment tool available for measuring a person’s stage of meaning making. Unlike other development theories, the Leadership Maturity Framework is empirically based and therefore evolving as new evidence warrants. As a seasoned practitioner, Susanne consults to various projects in research design (integrated qualitative and quantitative analyses) and in using developmental assessment tools as part of transformational interventions.

She is Co-Founder and Chief Wisdom Officer of the Center for Leadership Maturity, a Consulting, Coaching, Testing and Research Enterprise dedicated to facilitating Vertical Development in individuals and systems. Susanne also coaches individuals in self-understanding, self-acceptance, and personal growth. 

Dr. Paddy Pampallis

Executive Director: The Coaching Centre (Pty) Ltd

D.Prof Executive Coaching / Reg. Psychologist

Dr. Paddy Pampallis has spent her life committed to finding meaning in the world of human experience. An activist, explorer and seeker at heart, she has spent her working life as an educator, psychologist, coach, supervisor and business woman. Paddy first came across Wilber's work, in 1992 when completing a 2-year integrative psychotherapy training post her master's degree, which covered the work of Freud, through the psychology trajectory to transpersonal psychology, and this birthed her working as an integral practitioner, heading up the The (Integral) Coaching Centre (TCC) (2003), and Integral+ Africa Institute (2015). Paddy also visioned The Ubuntu Coaching Foundation™ into being as a npo which serves the communities. All have had as a focus, the creation of integrated approaches to learning, development and conscious growth.  

Paddy is one of the first five candidates globally, to receive an academic qualification in executive coaching with Middlesex University (London) (2005).

Her ground-breaking research on the supervision of executive coaches evolved an integrally embodied approach and furthermore, into a unique transformative offering for coach training and leadership development through an intgration of African philosophy: the Integral+ Practice™ of Leadership and Coaching, which is rated highly by Susanne Cook Greuter.

Paddy met Susanne in 2006 when doing the integral leadership training in Denver at the Integral Institute, and since then has invited Susanne to South Africa on a number of occassions to teach the LMF. Paddy now teaches with Susanne, in South Africa and New Zealand, and with Beena Sharma (President of CLM). Paddy is the global Africa partner with The Centre for Leaderhsip Maturity. 


"The supervision towards certification was a fabulous process and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to have Beena and Susann listening in and providing their feedback.  It has helped me understand the framework and instrument better and areas where both would have dove in deeper or taken another route which was very helpful".

Cheryl Stafford — 
Certified Executive Coach

& HR Consultant


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